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Construction Update

Punch list projects are nearing completion.  The next major item on the Hoffman Bros.’ To Do List is concrete repair.  Hoffman Bros. will be working with their concrete sub-contractor this week to remove and re-pour the sidewalk panels that have cracked over the winter and need to be redone.  There are also some sidewalk panels that require replacement because water is not draining properly.  Additionally, there are portions of the concrete crosswalks at Michigan Ave and N. & S. Lewis Streets that need to be replaced due to significant chipping.  The concrete repairs are located at various locations throughout the project.  Please be prepared for some minor traffic delays as the crews complete the more significant items on the project punch list.  Everyone’s patience is very much appreciated. 

In addition to the Hoffman Bros.’ To Do List, the City of Saline is nearing the completion of the installation of the decorative railing and handrails for the elevated sidewalk on the west side of the 100 block of N. Ann Arbor Street.