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Recreational Marihuana Survey

In June 2020, City Council approved medical marihuana ordinances for the City. Afterwards, they directed the City's Code Review Taskforce to begin discussions on potential recreational marihuana ordinances.

The City's Code Review Task Force is now seeking input on whether or not the City should allow recreational marihuana establishments within the City of Saline; and if so, what types and where. 

If you wish to fill out the survey, click here.


Medical Marihuana Information and Documentation


Medical Marihuana production and sales have been approved by Saline City Council, July 2021. 

Here you will find some important documents about growing and selling medcal marijuana within Saline, Michigan. 

Medical Marihuana Regulatory Ordinance

Medical Marihuana Ordinance #826

Medical Marihuana Zoning Ordinance

Medical Marihuana Washtenaw County Ordinance Draft

Medical Marihuana Maps

Medical Marihuana Maps

Medical Marihuana Application

Medical Marihuana Business Application


If you have any quesitons or concerns about these documents, please contact Community Development Director Mike Greene at or by phone (734) 429 - 4907 ext. 2222.