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Saline Parks Commission

The Parks Commission operates, constructs, maintains and plans a system of public parks and playgrounds. The Parks Commission meets on the third Tuesday of every month (except December when it meets the second Tuesday), at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Parks Commission consists of nine members/two year terms.

 Parks Commission Group Image

2017 Parks Commission Members 

  • Neil Moorman, Chairperson
  • Jason Sheilds, Vice Chair
  • Matt Cheney
  • Christopher Elenbaas
  • Karin Haynes
  • Scott Spooner
  • Jim Peters
  • Vacancy
  • Carla Scruggs, Staff Liaison
  • Jody Roberts, Recording Secretary 734-429-3502 ext. 2505

Heidi McClelland, City Council Representative

6 Reasons Why Parks Matter for Health

The National Park Service celebrates its centennial this week, and our national parks have never been more appreciated; visitors made a record-breaking 307.2 million visits to them in 2015. But what many park goers may not realize is that the access to natural scenery and park activities national parks provide play a role in improving health. In fact, research shows that using public parks—even tiny local ones in your neighborhood—contributes to health in a number of ways, from promoting physical activity to improving mental health and even having the potential to reduce health care costs.

To celebrate this milestone in American history, the Culture of Health blog's editorial team asked six leaders to give us their reasons why parks matter for health.