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Water Discoloration

Due to the quickly changing weather, the Department of Public Works will begin Fall fire hydrant flushing tonight, starting on North Ann Arbor St and then moving to Bennett St and Woodland Dr. 


When hydrant flushing occurs within your area, you may notice…

• Various hydrants open with water running down the street

• Water discoloration  

­ No need to be alarmed, water discoloration is normal during flushing and is not harmful.  

­ Discoloration is caused by mineral deposits that have settled in the water main being stirred up during flushing.  

­ Running cold water for a few minutes will allow clear water to work its way from the water main into your pipes clearing up any discoloration. If discoloration still occurs, wait a few more minutes and try running the cold water again. It is best to run the lowest cold water tap (basement) closest to where your water line enters your house.  


• Low water pressure  

− This may occur if various nearby hydrants are flushed at the same time you access your water.  

− This may occur if built-up sediment from the flushing is trapped in the faucet screen.  


DPW will be performing the flushing overnight Monday through Thursday to minimize these problems.


For more information regarding hydrant flushing, please contact the Department of Public Works at (734) 429-5624.